First Weeks at Wadena – Deer Creek

My first few weeks at Wadena have been a lot of fun and very eye opening.  Having three different teachers to work under has been a little difficult because all of them do things a little differently.  I have learned a lot of new activities I haven’t heard of that I can use in both the elementary and the high school.  I have also been exposed to a lot more different behavior issues that I haven’t been use to handling.  I got to experience a student with a disability have a break down which was interesting to watch my teacher to see how to handle those types of situations in a classroom and to keep all the other kids active in class.  I have found that there are a lot of tears in the elementary, and quite a bit of attitude in the high school.  I have noticed that when I am teaching I need to be more direct and specific, and break things down more for some students to understand because a lot of the time the language I am using makes sense to me but students tend to take things more literally.  Like when I was explaining how to do their sit ups and have their partner hold their feet, they literally put their feet in the air for their partner to hold instead of holding them on the ground.  I am starting to take over a little more and more in each class and I look forward to what the rest of my student teaching experience will be like.  I do have to say I have become a pro at tying 1st and 2nd graders shoes.


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