Hello Student Teachers!

Hello all, how are you doing? I hope your student teaching experiences are going well. Remember if you need anything or wish to share, please post! I would like to get each of you to start thinking about your TLC’s! What unit will you be teaching? What grade level? It is always a good idea to have this conversation with your cooperative teachers early so that you can complete your units, teach the unit, and update your Myefolio’s. Please take a look at your calendars and mark this due date: TLC’s will be due (completed and submitted) by April 27th. I know that seems like a long time away but you’ll be back to graduate before you know it! If you have any concerns, need any information regarding the TLC’s please let me know asap! Again, I look forward in hearing from each of you! Please response soon! Thanks, Angie 🙂


13 thoughts on “Hello Student Teachers!”

  1. I’ve talked with my cooperating teacher about my TLC already. We’re not 100% sure what I’ll be doing yet. We talked about doing grade 7 for the project, teaching either floor hockey or softball. My cooperating teacher has to get permission from the head of school to take video, and he made it sound like they were not too happy about it. We’re on a week break currently so when school resumes next week I’ll find out more information.

    1. Ok Conner, that sound good. If you need a permission slip/form I could email you a generic form that students could have parent sign in order to participate in the video. Or, any faces that show can be blurred out?! If & when you use video, always set it to private & know that you can use the video for both the TLC & WPress! Enjoy your break!! Are you traveling, sight seeing, etc on your break? Good to hear from you! Angie

  2. Hi Professor,
    I have talked to my cooperating teacher and I will be doing a hockey unit for my TLC. My classes a mix of mostly freshman and some older students. I do have a lot of ESL students in my classes and their comprehension of English varies dramatically. Do you have any recommendations so that I can help them better understand the rules and fundamentals of hockey?

    1. Robert, this is a great question! Do or can you use visuals? Videos in the Spanish language? I think you could check on YouTube for visuals/resources to help you communicate with your ESL students! A YouTube in Spanish would aid on the language barriers but also be a great visual of the skills being taught! Just an idea! Also, how does your cooperative teacher communicate with your ESL students? Have you had that conversation with them? Keep sharing!! It was great hearing from you!!

  3. I’m currently preparing for my TLC and I had a couple questions. My first questions is how many of our lessons should we video tape? Should we record all of our lessons or just enough to cover the questions posed in the TLC? Also since I’m working with secondary students should my units include less instruction and more playing the game?

    1. Rob, Please follow the rubric/template for your video criteria. If I remember correctly, you needed 3 videos on certain areas. You should have the exact requirements from the information that I sent to you. Also, as far as instruction, it depends on the level of your instruction/class. I would pre-assess their skills to see where your class is at. From that data, you can make those instructional decisions. I hope this helps! Great to hear from you!

    2. Rob, Here is the video criteria:
      B. Video Clips (InTASC #5) – include a brief description of the video content in portfolio Implementation section
      1. Collect permission forms from parents or school to prepare for filming.
      2. Capture video of entire lessons, then edit individual clips as follows:
      a. Identify the clip that you feel best demonstrates how you scaffolded language development. – (90 second maximum) Rubric #5
      b. Identify the clip that you feel best demonstrates students engaged in standards-based learning. (90 second maximum) – Rubric #6
      c. Identify the clip that you feel best demonstrates effective classroom management. (90 second maximum) – Rubric #6
      d. Identify the clip that you feel best demonstrates student interaction and higher level thinking through your questions and responses to student comments, questions, and needs. (90 second maximum) – Rubric #7
      3. Provide a copy of writing on the board, overhead, walls, or computer used in instruction that is not visible on the video.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Also a couple quick questions regarding the video clips we will need to complete our TLC. What is an example of scaffolded language development in PE? Thanks again!

  5. Rob, Refer to Rubric 5 on Scaffolded Lang. in PE. Here’s a clip from that rubric:
    Candidate identifies evidence (from video clip or assessment data) that students with varied strengths and needs understand and are using targeted academic language in ways that support their language development and content learning.

    Here is an example of a former student:
    The times that I scaffolded language the most in this unit came when I was explaining the rules on the first day of the unit. I began by asking students a simple question: “How many of you played volleyball last year with Mr. Couture?” Almost all of the students raised their hands. That connection allowed me to begin talking about language they were all familiar with in volleyball. It allowed me to use terms like fault, serve, point, and volley to help them begin to make connections to what we would be doing during the game of Omnikin.

    Again, I hope this helps! Let me know! It been great hearing from you!

  6. I have had quite a confusing couple of weeks here in regards to visa situations and my length of student teaching. I’ll try to explain this the best that I can and try not to confuse all of you too much! Okay. So seeing as how I had taken Dave Bass’ ed psych class a semester early and was only enrolled in student teaching for this semester that had me taking just 10 credits total. As you know, to be a full time student you must be enrolled in at least 12 credits. To receive my international student tuition waiver (which requires you to be full time) I had to enroll in a special topics class which is 2 extra weeks of student teaching which bumped me up to 12 credits and allowed me to receive that waiver for my tuition. So my plans once I left America/Canada were to stay in Australia for at least a year. As I have now been here for a couple of months, I can say that this is the most expensive country I have ever been to/lived in. Since we do not make any money during our student teaching experience, I have lost a lot more money than I intended. I actually have a job lined up for the summer in Alaska and will be applying for teaching jobs in that area as well for when the new school year begins. Now comes some more confusing stuff haha. I was originally planning to complete my extra 2 weeks of student teaching here in Australia and then return to America. However, I am aiming at extending my student visa which requires 1) to be applied for before the date of my university graduation and 2) I must physically be in the United States to apply for it. So that means I must return to America early (I will be coming back on May 9) and will complete my extra 2 weeks of student teaching in Valley City. Another thing – seeing as how I didn’t plan on returning to America for quite some time I left my original student visa in America and it was thrown out. Haha SO I have had to get another visa sent here to me in Australia (costing another 50 bucks) just so that I can at least get back into America in May. Now that I have confused myself and probably all of you, that is where I am at right now. I am super excited for my future plans and also excited to come back and see all of you for grad and all of that fun stuff. Aside from the money, Australia has been a lot of fun!

    1. Aurissa, wow that is a lot to deal with! I’m glad your experience has been a wonderful one & I am glad you get to come back to VCSU even if for a short while! It will be nice to see you graduate with your peers! How is the job search going? Any interviews lined up? Let me know if you need any help with anything. I know you was concerned about your college exit interview & as soon as I hear of that date, I’ll pass it on to you and the other student teachers. Like I said before, it usually is that last week of school. Well I hope your visa arrives soon & again, if there’s anything you need just give me a shout! Talk soon!

  7. Its crazy to think that I have finished 9 weeks of student teaching already. It amazes me how fast time is flying by here and i know when may 8th comes i will not want to say goodbye to the amazing staff at the International Grammar School. Overall the experience has been amazing, my cooperating teacher and the rest of the staff members in the PDHPE department are teaching me so much. Being the curriculum is so different here in Australia it was difficult to figure out how we would be able to complete out TLCs but the teachers were very supportive and easy going with what both Aurissa and I have planned for the students. Right now we are on “Holiday” which is the two week break between Term 1 and Term 2. Its great to have some time to travel around Australia and just relax before we come back for our last three week!

    1. Jen, it’s great to hear from you & I’m glad things are working out for you with your TLC, the staff sounds pretty amazing & very helpful as I remember both you & Aurissa were worried about the process & administering the TLC. Enjoy your travel/fun time & consider posting pictures of that beautiful country!! Side note: if you & Aurissa send me pictures of Australia I’ll post a short story on our new HPE Fb page!! Enjoy your time & note the due date for your TLC! Thanks, Angie

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