You are all now contributors! Please reply to this blog by providing at least two ways that you could use WP during your student teaching experience…think outside the box! GO!

In experimenting with WP, we have come along way in just a few days! I am excited to say we are all now able to converse on WP about various topics, ideas, exciting news, etc. So add to this blog by providing at least 2 ways you will or could use WP during your student teaching experience…other than the obvious! I.e., Ask for advice from my peers and colleagues! GO!

WordPress could be used to upload videos of myself teaching during student teaching. Then I could receive feedback from Angie and the other student teachers. I could also put interesting articles or webpages on the front page to show to students.

Conner Blackburn


9 thoughts on “You are all now contributors! Please reply to this blog by providing at least two ways that you could use WP during your student teaching experience…think outside the box! GO!”

  1. Word press is a tool that I could use in various ways while student teaching. The first idea I have is to use it to keep contact with the parents of my students, as a way for them to see what is being taught in the classroom, and keep up to date with my experiences. I think this will not only give them information about the classroom, but also lets them read about how I am using my experiences to make myself a better teacher. The second way for my to use Word Press is to keep in contact with my supervising teacher from VCSU, especially because I will be student teaching at a distance, so they will not easily be able to come and visit me in the classroom. Word Press allows me to post daily/weekly reflections on classroom experiences, and even post videos of my time in the classroom, which will be effective in communicating with my supervising teacher during my student teaching experience.

    -Kaitlyn Heuring

    1. What a great idea Kaitlyn! WP could be an awesome tool in communicating with parents as well as posting your classroom schedules, activities, special dates, etc. Great idea! When creating your classroom blog, make sure that it is set to “Private” and only allow parents to contribute! Can’t wait for you to get started!

  2. I plan on utilizing wordpress in a variety of ways while I am on my student teaching adventure. The most obvious use of this will be communicating with my fellow peers and instructors so I can hear how they are doing in their own experiences, as well as finding ways to help one another if we have questions or need advice. If I can figure out how to post pictures onto my blog I would like to share the sunshine and beautiful views from Australia! When we were going over the tutorial I enjoyed how there was a recipe page on our dashboard. Living in a new country I am sure I will have the opportunity to try new foods and ways of cooking – all of which I hope to post on my recipe page!

    1. Aurissa, I think this is a great opportunity for you to share all your new experiences. Like I said in class, my brother lives in Australia and has enjoyed many new experiences which he shares with us via FB. This will be a great time for you to not only experience teaching in a new setting but the culture that accompanies it…and to share that with us would be wonderful. There is an option for pictures under the “Media” link found within the Dashboard menu.

  3. I plan on using wordpress during my student teaching experience in a couple ways. One way that I could use wordpress would be to communicate with other students who are also student teaching and we can share experiences with blogs and even pictures. Being that I plan on to student teach in Australia it may be exciting to share those experiences as well. WordPress could also be used to get feedback on some problems you could be having in the classroom.

  4. Could upload videos of us teaching and using different teaching styles to see what works best with different groups of kids.
    Could ask questions about different types of situations that come up while teaching or observing, things that could have bothered you or things that you really liked.

  5. Conner, I think posting interesting articles or webpages is a great idea! You could build your own Health & PE page and link it to your WP. This would be a great way for you to communicate with your parents on classroom procedures, rules, policy as well as special events (Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart, Presidential Youth Fitness Program testing, etc), daily schedules, skills taught, units, etc. Great idea!

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