Excited for my future student teachers!

In preparing for student teaching, my Methods students have been working hard to gain as much knowledge and insight on various teaching methodologies as possible. Through lesson planning and implementing, unit building, research, & peer-teaching, I’ve “coached” my students, and watched them grow and mature into wonderful health and PE teachers. I am so excited for their new adventure in student teaching this Spring ’15 for some and next Fall “15 for others! Within this blog, I would like my Methods students to share their hopes, dreams, fears, &/or concerns of student teaching, as this is where we can all offer support, resources, advice, and even some laughs! This Monday and Tuesday my Methods students will join the WP world, create their accts., build their profiles, create a page that is all “About” them and become “Contributors” to this blog! This is our “Test-run” for future vilogs (blogs with Video) and I’m excited to get them started!!


9 thoughts on “Excited for my future student teachers!”

  1. I am extremely excited and also nervous to begin my student teaching experience. Not only am I beginning my teaching career, but I will be moving to Australia to do so. I look forward to becoming accustomed to the way of living in yet another country and sharing my own personal thoughts and experiences along the way. It does make me a little nervous that I will be so far away if I need help with anything schoolwise, but with this program and the availability of email will be of extreme use for me.

    1. Aurissa, Being in another country is kind of scary and you already know that but as you have stated, WP will be a great tool to offer support! I am looking forward to watching you grow as an educator, I know you’re ready! You have proven to be a scholar in so many ways and you’ll take your knowledge, build on it and provide a great education for your students. I look forward in working with you via WP!

  2. My hopes for student teaching are to be successful and learn a lot from all of the different teachers I will be working with over the student teaching semester. My dad was my influence in becoming a physical education teacher, so my dream is to be as successful as my dad and to be a teacher with a long teaching career like my dad. My fears and concerns for student teaching is that students wont take me seriously and won’t see me as an authority figure. I’m not really that big of a person so I really am kind of scared to work in the high school, elementary is where I really want to teach.

  3. Lindsey, you’ll do great at either site! In the HS, just be yourself and hold your head high! Before you student teach,make sure you have a plan of action: what type of class management will you have? How will you run your classroom? What rules/policies will you have in place? A lot of this you will discuss with your cooperative teacher bu the main thing to remember is to go in with confidence and always be prepared!

  4. My hopes for student teaching are to become more comfortable in managing a classroom and to improve my abilities as a teacher. My dreams for student teaching is that I will excel and hopefully have a job offer on the table after I finish my student teaching. My fears for student teaching is just the fact that I don’t know what kind of situation I will be going into and that is always a bit scary. Another fear that I have is that I wont be able to manage a classroom as effectively as I want to. Overall, I’m very excited about this experience and I look forward to being in a classroom for a whole semester.

    1. Robert, Great addition to the conversation! The fears that you are experiencing are all normal fears. Walking into a new situation and taking over for your cooperating teacher is a very scary thing but just remember to come with confidence, be prepared, over plan, brainstorm what rules/policies, etc. you would like to see in your classroom…and then discuss these things with your cooperating teacher. Along with your peers, you have been working hard researching, reviewing, practicing various methods of instruction, you have created endless lesson plans and peer-taught, you have observed in the public school setting on various levels, AND even taught a few classes within those settings. You have a great foundation in which to build on and I’m excited to watch you grow and mature this next semester into a strong teacher and colleague! I also believe you have to tools to build on in becoming that strong teacher you want to be!

  5. It’s looking like my student teaching experience is going to be happening in Germany, and I’m excited to be doing it in a foreign country. That being said, it does make me a little nervous to be doing it so far away from VCSU. Using email and wordpress will make it easier though. The TLC project seems a little daunting right now but hopefully the workshops really help clarify it.

    1. Conner, WOW! Great news! Germany will be a wonderful experience for you. Remember, you have great resources for your TLC and yes, go to the workshops as Al Olson is very informative in the TLC. When you start your student teaching make sure you visit with your cooperative teacher and discuss what topic you will teach and when. It is always a smart thing to start the whole TLC process fairly soon after you start your student teaching experience. You probably want to teach it by the 5th or 6th week if possibly. As you know, my office is always open…WordPress at ANY time and I will help you with whatever you need help with. The TLC is time consuming but remember, you only have to complete this process once, but that experience will help prepare you for instruction not only in your particular TLC unit but in your future preparing for other units. One last thing, as I say in class…Make It Purposeful” and it will drive your lessons/class. I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to share in all the experiences from Germany!

  6. I am very excited for student teaching. My hopes for student teaching will get me more comfortable with classroom management and learning about other cultures being I am student teaching in Australia with Aurissa. I believe that will be a good experience where I can learn different methods of teaching along the way.

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