New apps to use in the Health & PE classrooms

Have you ever tried Socrative Teacher/student? This is a free app that you can use to build different types of assessment pieces and get real results in “REAL TIME”…meaning NOW! This is an interactive app where you as the instructor can create quick assessment pieces (short quiz) and have your students use their smart phones, Ipods, Ipads, or computers to answer the questions and get feedback right away! it’s a great way to improve your teaching practice and monitor student learning! Check Socrative Teacher & Student and report back what you think of it! Enjoy!

Go to your app store, search Socrative Teacher and download, do the same for Socrative Student (this is the app your students will need to download in order to interact with you and your assessment pieces…and it’s free!). Next, create an account, which again is free! Begin to explore! There’s even a Beginner’s Manual!!

Other fun apps to explore: My Rubrics, Daily Physical Activity, Plicker, Poll Everywhere, and EDpuzzle


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