It worked! now i can post onto this blog! This week in Lisbon Middle School P.E., the students have been able to put their volleyball skills to work in games. It is a fun, competitive atmosphere. Have talked to a few groups as a whole about sportsmanship but have only had to pull one student aside to talk about it individually! They like being able to play the game and you can definitely tell that they are picking up on some strategy. They have also significantly improved their skills since we started learning them last week.
Jenna, that’s great to hear! Wish I could see your students play!! So this next week, are you being phased out if teaching or do you still have control over the PE classes? And, have you been into observe other teachers? I think you should observe Ronni’s class as well as Jason K class to maybe pick up other ideas like class management & teaching methods? Let me know what you observe! Also, I’m glad we can finally correspond via WordPress now!! Yeah!! Thanks & keep up the awesome job!! I’m very impressed!


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