Hi Jenna, How’s everything going? From the looks of your video things are good?! What are you teaching this week? And, have  you had a chance to observe in any other classrooms? How about in Ronni’s PE classes?


2 thoughts on “Jenna,”

  1. This is my last week so i am not teaching this week! I taught volleyball skills during week 4 and then during week 5 we played actual volleyball games which went very well! I feel that the students have earned a liking to the sport. Before and after class, more and more students are grabbing a volleyball and playing as a group, which is very rewarding to see! I have observed Ronnie the past two days. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was with her all day and today i was just with her for her morning elementary classes. I taught a game to one group of 1st graders that i had had the day before.

  2. Great! What are some of the things you saw in Ronni’s class that you could take with you to use in your future PE classes? Did you learn anything new from observing and participating in her classes? What did you find new and/or interesting in the elem grades?

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